About me

I am a passionate traveller and a professional translator and copywriter.

I was born in Italy and since I was very young I have always been attracted to foreign languages. When I was a child, when someone asked me “What do you want to be?” I had no doubs: “I want to be an interpreter and travel a lot.” I fell in love with German when I was 9 and started learning it at 10, later studied in England and Germany, then worked in France and Switzerland. I have travelled in many countries all around the world, both on business and for pleasure. I love sports, skiing in particular.

I like what I do because I always learn somenthing interesting. I was wery lucky because my first job was in tourism, and that allowed me to combine two of my passions: languages and travelling. After over two decades, I still translate mostly about travel and leasure, wellness, nature, but also about ecology and sustainability. The latter topics are very important to me. I strongly believe that thanks to a well translated text  aimed at the general public I can contribute to make a difference and make people realize that thanks to many small things we can preserve the environment for our children and grandchildren.

Why “Echoglobetrotter”? Because it combines the idea of echology and travelling. In my profession I would like to give my contribution to “my” readers’ trips – mostly around Germany and Austria – and to make people aware that we can do a lot to preserve our very fragile planet and improve our life quality in doing so.

Our life quality is striclty linked to our working life. A few years ago, after a training course, I made a decision: I only want to work with people I like. So far, I have managed to do so. I have great and very competent colleagues with whom I share large assignemts. We are always ready to help each other to provide our customers with the best quality. A good translation is the result of good teamwork (among translators as well as between project manager and client). Therefore, I want to get on well both with my colleagues and my clients. After all, PASSION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!

Looking forward to working and exchanging opinions with many new clients and new colleagues…

see you soon!



2 responses

21 08 2012
Galleron Lysiane

I am interested in a partnership for homestays in Italy.
Lysiane Galleron

10 09 2012

sorry I didn’t get in touch sooner. Let me know how I could support you. Looking forward to your reply

Regards from Milan


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